Invited conference keynotes

Inclusive approaches to music teaching / Professional musicianship and inclusion. Joint keynotes with Markku Kaikkonen at the “My Music Ability” conference, Conservatory of Amsterdam, Netherlands, 28.3. 2018.

Music education from a Nordic perspective. Musical talent as a social construct. Joint keynote with prof. Heidi Westerlund at the Nordplus conference, Hamar, Norway, 9.-13.11.2009.

Who has the right for musicianship? Joint keynote with prof. Heidi Westerlund at the “Art, Giftedness and Creativity” seminar, Chydenius Institute, Kokkola, Finland, 11.4.2007.

Conference presentations


  1. The transformative potentials of music education for ageing individuals and society.Paper presentation at the Sosiologipäivät (Westermarck Society) in the Inequalities in Later Life -working group. Turku, Suomi, 28.-29.3.2019.

  2. Masks of Benevolence in Music Education: Crafting a Critique of the ‘Center’. Joint paper presentation with Warren Churchill (NYUAD) at the 33rdWorld Conference International Society for Music Education (ISME). Baku, Azerbaijan, 15.-20.7.2018.

  3. Policy and political perspectives on music education in ageing societies. Joint paper presentation with Patrick Schmidt (Western Ontario, Canada) at the 19th International Seminar of the ISME Commission on Policy: Education, Culture, and Media. Munich, Germany 10.-14.7.2018.

  4. It’s Never Too Late to Become a Rock Star – Countering Ageism in Music Education? Paper presentation at the International Symposium on the Sociology in Music Education (ISSME). London, UK, 11.-14.6.2017.

  5.  Pushing the boundaries of Cultural Diversity: A new approach to inclusion through a critical disability lens in music teacher education. Paper presentation at the Cultural Diversity in Music Education (CDIME) Conference. Kathmandu, Nepal 28.3.-1.4.2017.

  6. The (Im)possibility of Inclusion. Reimagining the Potentials of Democratic Inclusion in and through Activist Music Education. Paper presentation at the Nordic Network of Music Education Research (NNMPF), Gothenburg, Sweden, 14.-16.3.2017.

  7. Engaging in democracy and inclusion through activist music education - Lessons from ‘the margins’. Paper presentation at the 32nd World Conference International Society for Music Education (ISME). Glasgow, Scotland, 24.-29.7.2016.

  8. The inclusive potentials of narrative techniques in activist music education. Paper presentation at the 5th International Conference on Narrative Inquiry in Music Education (NIME5). University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, USA, 21.5.-23.5.2016.

  9.  You are stupid but you play so well! Activism and inclusion in music education. Joint paper with prof. Patrick Schmidt at the ISME Policy Commission Seminar, Natal, Brazil, 18-20.7.2014.

  10. Female third age learners narrating themselves within a rock band learning context – from self confrontation to empowerment. Paper presentation at the 4th Conference on Narrative Inquiry in Music Education (NIME4) Helsinki, Finland, 29.8.-1.9.2012.

  11.  A Rock Band as an Alternative Learning Environment in Older Adult Music Education. Paper presentation at the 28th International Society of Music Education World Conference (ISME), Thessaloniki, Greece, 20.-25.7.2012.

  12. Understanding democratic possibilities in Finnish music education through marginal musical practices. Paper presentation at the keynote symposium at the 17th Conference of the Nordic Network of Research in Music Education (NNMPF), Reykjavik, Iceland,

  13.  Toimijuus, voimaantuminen ja kolmas ikä taidekasvatuksessa [Agency, empowerment and third age in arts education]. Paper presentation at the 2nd research symposium of the Hollo Instute, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki, Finland 6.-7.10.2011.

  14. Sex, Drugs, and Rock’nroll – Here Comes the Grannies Band. Empowerment in and through Music Education. Paper presentation at the 7th Conference on Research in Music Education (RIME), Exeter, UK, 11.-14.4.2011.

  15. Näkökulmia erityismusiikkikasvatukseen [Perspectives on special music education]. Kasvatustieteen päivät, the University of Oulu, Finland, 23.-24.11.2006.

  16. Music education in change? Paper presentation at the Nordplus (Nordic Network for Music Education), University of Bergen, Norway, 27.-19.10.2006.


Symposia and roundtables

  1. Towards policy informed futures in the Finnish BEA system? Participant in the symposium From research to policy to practice: Promoting accessibility in the Finnish Basic Education in the Arts system. NNMPF conference. Stockholm, Sweden, 26.-28.3.2019

  2. Policy and practice of lifelong music education in aging societies. Chair of the symposium at the 33rdWorld Conference International Society for Music Education (ISME). Baku, Azerbaijan, 15.-20.7.2018.

  3. Mapping the Musical Lifecourse. Discussant of the symposium at the 33rdWorld Conference International Society for Music Education (ISME). Baku, Azerbaijan, 15.-20.7.2018.

  4. Is inclusion possible? Striving towards teacher activism within a Finnish music school for differently abled learners. Participant in the symposium Expanding professionalism through social innovations: Towards wider participation in and through music schools in France, Sweden and Finland (chair: Heidi Westerlund) at the 33rdWorld Conference International Society for Music Education (ISME). Baku, Azerbaijan, 15.-20.7.2018.

  5. What does it mean for music education to be inclusive? Presentation in the symposium Nordic perspectives to music education at the Music School Symposium, Vienna, Austria 6.10. 2017.

  6.  Special art or art for everyone? Symposium (chair) at Yhteiskuntatieteellisen vammaistutkimuksen ajankohtaispäivät 2017 – YK:n vammaissopimus ja kehitysvammaisuus [Current lines in disability studies – CRPD and intellectual disability], Helsinki, Kehitysvammaliitto, 21.9.2017.

  7. Influencing policy makers and institutional leaders in Finnish arts education via systems thinking roundtable (Lauri Väkevä, chair) at European Association for Research on Learning and Instruction (EARLI) conference, Tampere, 30.8.2017

  8. Teacher activism in Resonaari – towards inclusive music education. Presentation in the roundtable Striving for democracy in the Nordic context: Possibilities for change through innovative cases of activist music practices (Heidi Westerlund, chair) at the 1st International Music Education Conference: Music Education in the Community; Traditions, Challenges and Innovations. Tel Aviv, Israel 14.-17.5.2017.

  9. Building intergenerational research partnerships. Presentation in the symposium Answerability in participatory research: Partnership or politics? (Alexis Kallio, chair) at the at the European Congress of Qualitative Research (ECQI). Leuven, Belgium, 6.-10.2.2017.

  10.  Performing disability in music education: Extending the discourse of diversity. Joint symposium workshop with Jaakko Lahtinen, Marlo Paumo and Kaarlo Uusitalo in the symposium “Inclusive research has doing justice in education”. 2nd Biennal JustEd Conference; “Actors for social justice in education”, Nordic Centre for Excellence: Justice through Education in the Nordic countries, Helsinki, Finland, 8.-9.3.2016.

  11. Marginaalin ääni julkisessa pedagogiikassa: Kehitysvammaiset muusikot opettajina musiikinopettajankoulutuksessa [A marginal voice in the public pedagogy: Musicians with disabilities as teachers in music teacher education]. Joint presentation with Resonaari’s musician Jaakko Lahtinen, at 6th research symposium of the Hollo Institute: Social justice and public pedagogy, Aalto University, Helsinki, Finland, 8-9.10.2015

  12. School Musicking: A collaborative Inquiry into Christopher Small’s legacy for Music Education. Joint symposium presentation with prof. Lauri Väkevä (chair) at the 8th International conference on Research of Music Education (RIME), Exeter, UK, 9.-13.4.2013.

  13. Webs of interaction. Joint symposium workshop with Roberta Lamb (chair) at the 4th Conference on Narrative Inquiry in Music Education (NIME4), Helsinki, Finland 29.8.-1.9.2012.

  14. Composing in Finnish music education. Joint symposium presentation with prof. Lauri Väkevä (chair) at the 28th Conference on International Society of Music Education (ISME), Thessaloniki, Greece, 20.- 25.7.2012.


  1. Reimagining the inclusive potentials through reflexivity in activist music education. Poster at the European Congress of Qualitative Research (ECQI). Leuven, Belgium, 6.-10.2.2017.

  2. The inclusive potentials of narrative techniques in activist music education. Poster at the 12th International Congress of Qualitative Inquiry (ICQI). University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign, USA, 19.-22.5.2016.

Invited talks intended for general public and professional communities

De nya möjligheterna av inklusion i musikutbildningen. Invited talk at Konst- och musikutbildningsdagarna, DUNK r.f., Arbis Vasa 20.9.2019.


Osallistuminen taiteeseen ja kulttuuriin – elinikäinen oikeus vai velvollisuus? Joint Studia Generalia presentation with prof. Pauli Rautiainen, University of the Arts Helsinki 30.11. 2017.

Inclusion in music education. Invited speaker at Music Teacher Education 60th Anniversary seminar, Sibelius Academy, Helsinki 25.10.2017.

Inclusive Basic Arts Education. Invited speaker at Learning Jam event for Basic Arts Education, ArtsEqual, Musiikkitalo,  Helsinki 24.10.2017.

Viisi myyttiä musikaalisuudesta. Joint presentation with Dr Tuire Kuusi at the European Researchers’ Night event (Tutkijoiden yö), Tiedekulma, Helsinki 29.9.2017

Mikä tekee ammattitaiteilijan? Osallistuminen paneelikeskusteluun Taiteen tiellä seminaarissa, järj. Taiteen edistämiskeskus Taike. Kaarisilta Biennale, Lahti, Finland, 21.6.2017.

Aktiivisen ikääntymisen uudet muodot ehkäisevät syrjäytymistä. Syrjäytymisen ehkäisemisen mestarikurssi, järj. Suomen Akatemian Strateginen Tutkimusneuvosto. Kansaneläkelaitos, Helsinki, 18.4. 2017

Aktiivisuutta kolmannessa iässä: taiteen mahdollisuudet luovan ja aktiivisen ikääntymisen tukijana. Rakkaudesta tieteeseen –tapahtuma, järj. Suomen Akatemian Strateginen Tutkimusneuvosto. Musiikkitalo, Helsinki, 14.2. 2017.

ArtsEqual-hankkeen esittely. Joint presentation with prof. Pauli Rautiainen at Tasa-arvoinen yhteiskunta –ohjelman esittelytilaisuudessa, järj. Suomen Akatemian Strateginen Tutkimusneuvosto. Musiikkitalo, Helsinki, Finland, 19.12.2016.

Teacher activism in Resonaari. Joint presentation with prof. Patrick Schmidt at the 4th Music for All seminar, Resonaari, Helsinki, Finland, 6.11.2015.

ArtsEqual – Public Service: Strategic Steps towards Equality. Joint presentation with prof. Lauri Väkevä at Fair Arts Education seminar, Metropolia, Helsinki 29.9.2016.

Rockin´ grannies. Rokkimummot –bänditoiminta Resonaarissa [Rockin’ grannies: rock band activity in Resonaari]. Rytmikka-seminaari, Monimuotoinen musiikkikasvatus. Sibelius-Akatemian täydennyskoulutuskeskus, Helsinki, Finland, 28.3.2012.

Kolmas ikä ja musiikkikasvatus. [Third age and music education]. Keynote at the ”Music for all” research seminar, Helsinki, Finland, 4.11.2011.

Music education for people with special needs. Keynote at the ”Art, Health, and Wellbeing” seminar, Novia University of Applied Sciences, Kokkola, Finland, 26.10.2010.

Musiikkikasvatuksen haasteet ja erityismusiikkikasvatus [Challenges in music education and special music education]. Guest lecture at the International Figurenotes seminar, Resonaari, Helsinki, Finland, 3.9.2006.