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Teaching portfolio

Teaching and pedagogical work in academia (*)

2021                   Reading circle: Letting art teach/Gert Biesta (doctoral level, teaching)

2020                   Reading circle: Music education and policy (doctoral level; teaching)

2019                   Reading circle: Bourdieu and beyond (doctoral level; teaching)

2018                   Reading circle: Past, present and future of school music (doctoral level; teaching)

2018–2019           Responsible teacher of the doctoral seminar, Sibelius Academy

2016–2017           Later Adulthood Arts Education (master level; curriculum development, syllabus design and implementation)

2014–2015           Later Adulthood Music Education (master level; curriculum development, syllabus design and implementation)

2014–2018           Special Education in the Arts (master level; syllabus design and implementation in Finnish, differentiated syllabus in English)

2013–2015           Doctoral seminar (doctoral level; coordinating)

2013–2018           Bachelor seminar (bachelor level; syllabus design and implementation, thesis work supervision) 

(*) UniArts Helsinki

I have also served as a casual lecturer at the Department of Music Education (Bachelor & Masters level), Department of Global Music (Bachelor level), Faculty of Classical Music (Masters level) at the Sibelius Academy, Helsinki Metropolia AMK, Tampere AMK, Novia Yrkeshögskolan, and New York University in Abu Dhabi, UAE.


Thesis supervisions

2018–current       Doctoral dissertation advisor (6 ongoing doctoral thesis works, 2 completed), MuTri, University of the Arts Helsinki 

2021                    Doctoral dissertation pre-examiner (1), Faculty of Arts (Musicology), University of Helsinki

2017                    External examiner of Masters’ thesis (1), Aalto University of Art and Design, Helsinki

2014–2019          External examiner for several Masters’ theses, Sibelius Academy

2013–2018          Main supervisor for Bachelors’ theses, Sibelius Academy, University of the Arts Helsinki (approximately 80 theses)

2012                    Main supervisor of Masters’ thesis (Salonen, Mari: Erityistaidekasvatus – eräiden kuvataideopettajien keinot muokata ja eriyttää                                       opetusta erityisoppilaiden kohdalla), Aalto University of Art and Design, Helsinki

Other pedagogical work

2003–2008         Full time music instrument teacher at the Resonaari Music Centre, Helsinki, Finland

2000–2003         Private piano teacher, Helsinki, Finland

1999–2000         Primary school teacher assistant, Eurajoki, Finland

1998–1999         Primary music school (musiikkileikkikoulu) teacher, Rauma, Finland

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