Kalle Kallio


I have been teaching at the university level for over a decade. My courses on bachelor, master, and doctoral level relate to teachers’ pedagogical studies, special education, adult education, philosophy and research studies in music and arts education. I have contributed to the curriculum design at the Music Education Department at the Sibelius Academy by bringing forward issues of special education, disability, and older adults within pedagogical contexts. 


Currently I supervise six doctoral students at the MuTri Doctoral School in the UniArts Helsinki: Eeva Siljamäki, Taru Koivisto, Hanna Kamensky, Analía Capponi-Savolainen, Hanna Backer Johnsen and Martin Galmiche.

Before entering scholarly life I worked several years as a music instrument teacher for students of all ages and with different learning disabilities at the Resonaari Music Centre. After leaving my teaching position I have continued collaboration with Resonaari through research and development projects together with Resonaari’s teachers and musicians.