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Performing the Political:
Public Pedagogy
in Higher Music Education

Research Team:

Academy Research Fellow Tuulikki Laes

Post Doctoral Researcher Taru Koivisto


The elitist mental model of expert musicians continues to isolate professional musicianship from political participation and social life. This project aims to expand the notion of 'the political' in music professionalism by advancing eco-artistic imagination and transformative systems thinking within higher music education. The project will be conducted with international collaborators in the Nordic higher music education contexts and with students, teachers, and leaders at the Sibelius Academy of the University of the Arts Helsinki.


The project's data will include surveys, interviews, artistic-pedagogical interventions, and workshops. With public pedagogy as a catalytic idea, alternative performance practices in public contexts will be initiated jointly with folk, jazz, and music technology study programs. Through participatory processes, the project will construct new practices for music professionalism and visions for responsible higher music education politics significant to society. 

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