Interview [29.1.2019] (in Finnish)

In this interview, we address some of the shortcomings of the arts education services from the perspective of older adults together with my ArtsEqual colleague professor Pauli Rautiainen.

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“Equally Well” podcast [9.1.2019]

In this ‘Equally Well’ podcast, I talk about my views on how music education could help tackle ageism and also how my social enterprise RockHubs got started.

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Gert Biesta’s Studia Generalia Lecture by
Arts Equal / UniArts Helsinki [28.1.2019]

I had the honor to host professor Gert Biesta’s Studia Generalia lecture, in which he asked, what does it mean to 'try to be at home in the world' from the perspective of arts and education. What does it mean to be in the world? How to encounter resistance in the world? How to encounter people who are not like we are? How to live together well on a planet that is rapidly becoming exhausted and to avoid both self-destruction and world-destruction? And what is the purpose of education beyond learning? These are some of the fundamental questions that Gert Biesta has brought forward. I have been very inspired by his work and I warmly recommend to read more from him:


My TEDx talk where I talk about how musical performance reshapes identities [08.2018]

Here I talk about music as a tool to create a more inclusive society, especially towards elderly people.


Masks of Benevolence in Music Education: Crafting a Critique of the ‘Center’ [07.2018]

Here's the presentation that we gave with Warren Churchill in the 2018 ISME world conference in Baku.


Policy Brief [01.2018] (in Finnish)

Published policy brief with our ArtsEqual research team on the accessibility of Basic Education in the Arts

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Blog Post: [02.11.2017] (in Finnish)

My blog post about Lifelong learning towards sustainable Aging on the Sitra website. #kulttuurivos

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5 myths about musicality [29.9.2017] (in Finnish)

I gave a talk together with music researcher Tuire Kuusi on the common myths about musicality and musicianship at the Helsinki University as part of the European Researchers’ Night 2017 program.


Blog Post: [18.07.2017] (in Finnish)

My blog post about differently abled individuals' rights to being a professional artist in the Arts Promotion Centre Finland (Taike)

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Blog Post: [17.07.2017] (in Finnish)

My blog post about ageing actively with rock music in Taidetutka web publication

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Photo: Jani Laukkanen

Photo: Jani Laukkanen

HelsinkiMissio Interview
[08.06.2017] (In Finnish)

I was interviewed about my research on Resonaari for HelsinkiMissio #myötatuntouutisia newsletter

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Lectio Precursoria [20.5.2017]

Here is my Lectio Precursoria in the public examination of my doctoral dissertation at Musiikkitalo, University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland.

Photo: Kimmo Tähtinen

Photo: Kimmo Tähtinen

Public Examination of my Doctoral Dissertation [20.05.2017 at 12 noon at the Camerata Hall, Music Center, Helsinki]
(In English)

I am honored to have professor Michael Apple (University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA) as my opponent. Media Release


New forms of active ageing prevent marginalisation [18.4.2017] (in Finnish)

I gave a talk in the 'Master Course Against Marginalization’ seminar organised by the Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland.


Blog Post: [11.04.2017] (in Finnish)

I wrote a blog about the CDIME conference on Cultural Diversity in Music Education which I attended in March 2017.

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Arts Equal Research Initiative Presentation
[19.12.2016] (In Finnish) 

Presented with professor Pauli Rautiainen on the aims and visions of the ArtsEqual research initiative at the Equal Society -event hosted by the Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland.


Granny Rock 2016
[14.12.2016] (In English)

Hosted the first ‘Granny Rock’ live streaming event from Resonaari as part of the ArtsEqual research initiative. Featuring rock bands Riskiryhmä and Grannies Band USA.


ArtsEqual Interview
[28.11.2016] (In Finnish)

Was interviewed about my research work in ArtsEqual.


Renewing Music Education, Agency, and Equality (Uudistuva musiikkikasvatus, toimijuus ja tasa-arvo)
[25.11.2016] (In Finnish)

Organized a seminar in collaboration with Fisme (the Finnish Society of Music Education) and ArtsEqual at the Music Centre, Helsinki, Finland.


YLE Interview
[20.09.2016] (In Finnish)

Was interviewed at YLE:n Aamu (the Finnish National Broadcasting Company morning show) about the possibilities and challenges of music and art as a form of care.
Original Video on YLE